Our Kickstart Intensives

are designed to be jumpstarts toward your recovery with certified clinicians, following Dr. Patrick Carnes' method.

Topics cover denial, neurochemistry, boundaries, shame and guilt, the cycle of addiction and more.

Choose between 3 or 5-day options for intensive therapy sessions, designed to maximize your investment in reclaiming a healthy lifestyle.

These Kickstart Intensives are just that – intense. This is not a retreat.

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Mens’ Sex/Porn Addiction Intensive is a great way to kick start your recovery from sex/porn addiction and is a wise investment of your time and money. Sex Addiction initial recovery is a two to five- year process that impacts the rest of the individual’s life. Our intensive provides a safe and secure place for you to begin working toward discovering and understanding what healthy sexuality encompasses.

Group Intensives are offered once per year.

Our intensive is led by at minimum clinically trained master’s level clinicians, some who have earned the title of CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist). The approach we use at Doug White & Associates is modeled after the work of Dr. Patrick Carnes, a renowned pioneer and researcher in sex addiction treatment. This treatment modality address not only the identified behaviors of sex addiction, but their roots.


  • Denial
  • Unmanageability
  • Shame and Guilt
  • Neurochemistry of Addiction
  • Family of Origin Dynamics
  • Forms of Abuse (Past and/or Current)
  • Boundaries
  • The Cycle of Addiction
  • Tools Required For Sex Addiction Recovery
  • Spiritual Issues Associated With Sex Addiction

FORMAT - Currently, our intensives are designed for individuals and individual counseling. Participants will utilize time with each clinician present. Intensives are designed for 6-8 hours of therapy each day, with a lunch period in the middle of the day. Participants will be transitioning between assessments, time with each clinician, psycho-education, trauma-work, videos, and activities.

Our intensives are just that – intense. They are specifically designed to maximize your time and investment. This is NOT a retreat.

We offer two options: Three-Day and Five-Day Mens’ Sex and Pornography Intensives:

3-Day Intensive [Subject to change]
The Brain on Porn Recognizing Traumas Tools to Conquer
Breaking Through Denial Exploring Limbic Lies Your Identity
Lunch Lunch Lunch
Your Addictive Cycle Key Sexual Experiences and History Establishing Sobriety
Recognizing Denial Trauma Work Battle Plan
Sobriety Agreement Arousal Template Next Steps
5-Day Intensive [Subject to change]
The Brain on Porn Recognizing Traumas Emotional Regulation Boundaries Tools to Conquer
Breaking Through Denial Exploring Limbic Lies Fantasy vs Reality Abstinence List Your Identity
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Your Addictive Cycle Key Sexual Experiences and History First and Second Order Changes Healthy Sexuality and Relationships Establishing Sobriety
Recognizing Denial Arousal Template Personal Disclosure Courtship Gone Awry Sobriety Statement
Sobriety Agreement Trauma Work Trauma Work Trauma Work Next Steps

TECHNOLOGY FREE ENVIRONMENT - Our workshops are hyper-focused on kickstarting your recovery. Due to their intense nature, we will be requesting you turn off your cell phones, laptops, and all electronic devices for the duration of the program. This will limit distractions, ensuring you take the most stable next step of recovery possible. If you are concerned about minor children and/or emergencies, we recommend that you call in the morning or leave a video recording for them.

We suggest you bring everything you would minimally bring for an overnight trip: A change of clothes and basic toiletries. For the workshop you will need to bring a journal and pen/pencil so that you may take any desired extra notes after the sessions have ended. This journal can be a valuable tool later in your recovery.

LODGING AND MEALS - Our intensives are currently held in Baton Rouge, LA at our office. Nearby reasonably priced accommodations are available on Bluebonnet Blvd, Essen Lane, Siegen Lane, or College Drive. If you choose to fly, your options include either Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (BTR) or the New Orleans (MSY) airport. If you already reside within the Baton Rouge area, we suggest staying at a local hotel to maximize the experience. Meals are provided.

AFTERCARE - We view our intensives as a kickstart in taking your next step in recovery. During the program it is likely you will identify areas you wish to address with an individual counselor while continuing your recovery journey. We will help tailor an aftercare plan to specifically meet your recovery needs and will work with your local therapist in providing discharge summaries and our clinical recommendations.

COST - These workshops provide the equivalent of 4-8 months of counseling in an abbreviated amount of time. Prices includes all workshop materials. Contact us for pricing.

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