Shame and Guilt

The cycle of shame and guilt is what fuels the cycle of addiction. Knowing and understanding how the cycle of shame and guilt rules your addiction cycle is key to overcoming sex addiction.

What is the difference between Shame and Guilt? Guilt says: “I did a bad thing.” Shame says: “I am a bad.” Knowing the difference between shame and guilt helps the addict understand their addiction is a symptom of a greater problem.


  • Makes us feel diminished by the exposure or act (or even the thought of being exposed)
  • Causes us to hide
  • Creates a belief that there is something wrong with me.


  • Clarity comes with making a decision to face the pain instead of avoid it.
  • However, we are in a cycle of pain creating faulty thinking.
  • Therefore, we believe that freedom is through our own self-effort.

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